Professional Spotlight: Animal Medical Center & Bird Clinic of Hollywood Joins Vetify

Dedicated to caring for dogs, cats, and exotic pets in South Florida, the Animal Medical Center & Bird Clinic of Hollywood is one of the most recent animal care practices to join Vetify.

Here at Vetify headquarters, we’re excited for the opportunity to help one of our hometown animal care clinics connect with their clients, instantly schedule appointments online, share digital medical records, and streamline their workflows.

photograph of two birds
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Based out of Hollywood, Florida, and one of the few clinics that provides care to exotic pets like birds, reptiles, rabbits, pocket pets, and small farm animals in South Florida, the Animal Medical Center & Bird Clinic of Hollywood offers services that few clinics in their area do. From therapeutic laser therapy to life-saving emergency care, the Animal Medical Center & Bird Clinic of Hollywood ensures their furred and feathered patients (and their patients’ parents) enjoy happy, healthy lives.

To get in touch with Animal Medical Center & Bird Clinic of Hollywood and schedule an appointment, check out their listing on Vetify.

Product Spotlight: Darwin’s Natural Pet Products

Darwin’s delivers fresh, raw meals formulated specifically for dogs and cats—right to your door.

Like humans, dogs and cats are what they eat. Working closely with veterinarians and nutritional experts, Darwin’s Natural Pet Products has been promoting healthy diets and longer, happier lives for dogs and cats since 2004.

The team members at Darwin’s create all natural meals based on lean meats and vegetables, ensuring that our favorite four legged friends eat the diets that are right for them—diets that are high in protein, moderate in balanced fats, and low in carbohydrates.

Although Darwin’s knows pet owners love their pets equally, they also know not all pets are created equal. Identifying differences in nutritional needs between dogs and cats, the team formulates meals to suit each species. Darwin’s notes that dogs, as omnivores, can metabolize both animal and plant matter whereas cats, as carnivores, derive all of their nutrients from meat and flesh-based foods. Beyond considering the species of a pet, the Darwin’s team works with pet owners to recommend what’s best for each pet based on their age, weight, gender, any allergies or intolerances, and digestive concerns.

For Darwin’s, holistic pet health is paramount. They tirelessly promote healthy choices through more than good nutrition—they promote it through public education at conventions and conferences across the nation, championing the benefits of raw diets and active lifestyles at events like The Seattle Kennel Club, Seattle Pet Expo, and The Northwest Women’s Show.

Darwin’s formulates food to help every dog and cat live longer, fuller lives.Photo of Darwin's all natural pet products, packaged dog and cat food delivered to your door However, they know it can still be daunting to change a pet to a raw food diet. The transition from conventional kibble and canned foods to Darwin’s raw and fresh alternatives might take a little time—anywhere from a few days to a few weeks—but the rewards for pets and their owners are immeasurable.

Pets enjoy more energy, healthier coats, fewer allergies, irritations, and health issues, and renewed interest in their meals and treats. And owners?

Owners get to enjoy their pets longer.

Read more about the benefits of a raw food diet, find healthy options based on your individual pet, receive a free menu consultation, and sign up to get fresh food delivered right to your door on Darwin’s Natural Pet Products’ website.

Workplace Petiquette: 6 Helpful Guidelines for Bringing Your Pet to Work

As more companies like Mars, Atlantic Health, and those chronicled in this Fortune Magazine article invite our four-legged friends to accompany us at work, it’s important to set guidelines that keep both colleagues and canines happy in the workplace.

Here are 6 of our favorite tips:

1 Discuss Dog Dos-and-Don’ts with Your Office Mates 

Every work environment is different, so it’s important to discuss what types of behavior are acceptable at your office. Are your coworkers on the phone all day? It’s probably best to make sure your pup isn’t a barker. Do you spend most of your time in meetings? If so, figure out what you can do with your dog while you’re away from your desk.

2 Prepare Your Pet

If you have any reservations about bringing your best friend to work, take them to training classes before you take them to the office.

3 Make Sure Your Meetings are Pet-Friendly

Having to leave your dog tethered to your desk is no fun for you or them if you’re never around.  

4 Always Have Scooper Bags

Accidents happen.

5 Take a Walk

To help avoid your pup getting antsy, take them for a few walks during the workday. If you can’t escape the office, consider getting them a dog walker that will pick them up from your workplace.

6 Keep Your Pet’s Records On-Hand

Having your pet’s latest health and medical records with you is always a good idea in case of emergency. You can sign up to create a pet profile and request your pet’s medical records directly from their vet on Vetify, for free.

To create a free pet profile, request your pet’s medical records, and access reviews about veterinarians and animal professionals near you, sign up at

Nonprofit Spotlight: 5 Organizations Caring for Every Animal In the Kingdom

We’re dedicated to improving the lives of animals and we’re grateful for the charities and nonprofits around the world that are, too.

The Humane League logo

  1. The Humane League (THL): Committed to using studies and data to determine their approach to advocacy, The Humane League’s work focuses on reducing the suffering of farmed animals.
  2. Mercy For Animals (MFA): Also committed to championing farmed animal rights, Mercy For Animals centralizes their core efforts to minimize their costs and maximize their impact.
  3. Animal Equality International: Dedicated to defending the rights of all animals through public outreach and education, Animal Equality International is recognized for its high level of transparency and its ability to create effective campaigns in collaboration with partners around the world. Humane Society of the United States logo
  4. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS): Working on behalf of multiple animal causes, like lobbying for the rights of companion animals, wild animals, and animals in entertainment, HSUS is the nation’s largest animal protection organization. Faunalytics logo
  5. Faunalytics: Faunalytics conducts independent research to provide animal advocates with informed and effective data. 


We highlighted these five organizations based on rankings from Animal Charity Evaluators, where you can dig deeper into the processes and missions of each. 

Well-Behaved Best Friends: 4 Rules of Dog Park Petiquette

Taking your best friend to the park should be a treat for everyone. Check out our favorite highlights from Dr. Sophia Yin’s list of helpful ways to ensure your pup plays nice:

dogs at the park
Photo credit: Instagram @labrador_oiva
  1. Avoid Dog Mobs: Watch your pet’s body language to make sure they feel safe, and don’t let your pet intimidate other pups, either.
  2. Don’t Stand for Toy Thievery: Some dogs love to get into mischief. If they steal another dog’s toy, return it to the rightful owner right away.
  3. Monitor Roughhousing: Keep an eye on your dog to make sure they’re not getting too rough with other dogs, especially ones that are smaller than them.
  4. Take Control of Your Pup: Be able to confidently manage your pet’s behavior, whether with an authoritative “Come now!” call or a favorite toy that catches their attention and keeps it.

To see all of Dr. Yin’s dog park recommendations, read her full post.

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Pet Spotlight: Meet Gigi, the Teeny Tiny French Bulldog Bringing a Smile to Every Angeleno

When it comes to brightening the days of friends, strangers, and passersby, little dogs are making a big difference. To find out how some of our favorite furry counterparts are making the world better, we sat down with Gigi, one very special teeny tiny french bulldog and her mom, Stephanie, over tea, coffee, and organic pup treats from The Dog Bakery in Venice, Los Angeles.

Do-good dogs like Manny the Frenchie have shown what pets and their people are capable of—Manny and his friends have raised thousands of dollars for dozens of charities, including French Bulldog Rescue Network, Autism Speaks, and Save-A-Vet, since 2013.  

Joining Manny to leave pawprints of her own, Gigi has been visiting people in the streets and on the beaches of her Los Angeles homebase. “I had never thought of [making social media accounts] for Gigi until I saw the way people reacted to her,” Stephanie says. “Gigi would just make their days. She’s not prejudiced, she’s not suspicious. She just makes people so happy.”

Recognizing Gigi’s way of improving people’s days, Stephanie enrolled them both in classes to make Gigi a certified therapy dog. Soon, they’ll be visiting veterans’ hospitals, children’s hospitals, and retirement homes to bring a little bit of LA’s sunshine indoors. In the meantime, Gigi continues to meet and greet fellow Angelenos and delight thousands of Instagram followers with her latest fashion statements, discerning looks, and jubilant snorts.

Gigi may have been the runt of the litter, but everyday she proves her heart is bigger than her body.

All photos courtesy of Gigi’s mom, Stephanie. Contact her through Instagram @gigimakesmesmile.

Follow Gigi’s smile-making adventures in Los Angeles on Instagram @gigimakesmesmile and find her on YouTube


8 Great Social Media Accounts by Pet Professionals

Social media overflows with photos of cats and dogs to make you say ‘Awww’ throughout the day, but it’s less easy to find clear, informative, and fun content by and for professionals in the pet world.

We’ve consolidated some of our favorite pet professional social media leaders with you so you can follow stories, tips, and tricks from pet-focused colleagues around the world.

twitter logo         

  1. AVMA: Active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+, the American Veterinary Medical Association discusses topics ranging from nutrition trends and disease prevention to the power of connection—they recently shared this homerun of a story about The New York Giants surprising a returning veteran with a service dog to help him cope with PTSD.  
  2. Dr. Patty Khuly: Immersed in the animal world from the age of 10, Dr. Patty Khuly is a passionate animal advocate, accomplished entrepreneur, and prolific writer on animal issues. Contributing to publications like USA Today, The Miami Herald, and Veterinary Practice News, she also authors her own blog, Dolittler, where she investigates and reports on topics like pet pharmacies, animal emergency rooms, and how many calories are in the mouse your cat just caught. Find Dr. Khuly on Facebook @PattyKhulyVMD and follow her on Twitter.
  3. Dr. Andy Roark: Chronicling the joys and challenges of practicing pet medicine and sharing pet-focused news curated from around the world, Dr. Andy Roark keeps it light as he keeps his colleagues and fellow pet enthusiasts informed. Follow him on Facebook @DrAndyRoark and laugh along with him as he shares the lessons he’s learned from his veterinary practice on Twitter.
  4. Dr. Karen Becker: Focused on sharing information about animal health and wellness, Dr. Karen Becker posts studies, documentaries, and heartwarming adoption stories on her Facebook page.  
  5. Dr. Marty Becker: Sharing stories deftly curated from around the animal world, Dr Marty Becker encourages readers to reflect on the importance of animals in our everyday lives. He also facilitates conversations between pet lovers, making it easy to gain insights about what the pet owning public is currently thinking about. Find him on Facebook @DrMartyBecker.
  6. Pawcurious: Authored by popular pet blogger Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, her Twitter and Facebook accounts help keep colleagues and animal lovers abreast of the latest in pet-related best practices.
  7. Student AVMA: Today’s students are tomorrow’s veterinarians. Representing students from over 33 veterinary schools, see what issues student vets are talking about on their Facebook page.
  8. The Cat Expert: Favored friend of felines, Dr. Arnold Plotnick founded a cat-focused veterinary practice in Manhattan, NYC, and authors a cat-friendly Twitter account and cat-forward blog, Cat Man Do.  

Did we miss a pet professional you follow? Let us know.

To create a free pet profile, request your pet’s medical records, and access reviews about veterinarians and animal professionals near you, sign up at

365 Reasons to Celebrate: Pet Holidays Throughout the Year

Whether they’re officially recognized holidays or not, all sorts of reasons to celebrate our best friends fill the calendar. We’ve compiled a list of pet-focused days throughout the year so you can decide when to put on your party hat, go for that extra walk, or let your friend keep their favorite spot on top of your laptop.

image of a calendar

January is National Train Your Dog Month, Walk Your Pet Month, and Adopt a Rescued Bird Month

24: Change a Pet’s Life Day

February is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month, National Cat Health Month, Pet Dental Health Month, Responsible Pet Owners Month, and Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month

6-10: Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week

13-14: Westminster Kennel Club Annual Dog Show

14: Pet Theft Awareness Day

13-17: National Justice for Animals Week

20: Love Your Pet Day

22: Walk the Dog Day

23: International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

28: World Spay Day

March is Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month and Poison Prevention Awareness Month

3: If Pets Had Thumbs Day

5-11: Professional Pet Sitters Week

9-12: Crufts Dog Show held in Birmingham, England, features nearly 30,000 dogs in four days

13: K-9 Veterans Day

23: National Puppy Day

April is the ASPCA’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, National Greyhound Adoption Month, National Heartworm Awareness Month, National Pet First Aid Awareness Month, and the UK’s National Pet Month

8: National Dog Fighting Awareness Day

11: National Pet Day

9-15: Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week

21: Bulldogs are Beautiful Day

16-22: National Pet ID Week

22: Earth Day

26: National Kids and Pets Day

28: Hairball Awareness Day

29: World Veterinary Day

30: Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

May is National Pet Month in the USA, Responsible Animal Guardian Month, Chip Your Pet Month, Pet Cancer Awareness Month, and National Service Dog Eye Examination Month hosted by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists

1: National Purebred Dog Day

3: National Specially-Abled Pets Day

7: Mayday for Mutts

7-13: Be Kind to Animals Week

7-13: National Pet Week sponsored by the AVMA

8-13: Puppy Mill Action Week

21-27: Dog Bite Prevention Week

June is the American Humane Association’s Adopt-a-Cat Month, the ASPCA’s Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month, and National Pet Preparedness Month

4: Hug Your Cat Day

4-10: Pet Appreciation Week

11: World Pet Memorial Day

20-24: Take Your Dog to Work Week

21: National Dog Party Day

22: Take Your Cat to Work Day

23: Take Your Dog to Work Day

July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month and Dog House Repair Month

15: National Pet Fire Safety Day

21: National Craft for your Local Shelters Day

31: National Mutt Day


1: DOGust Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs

6-12: International Assistance Dog Week

8: International Cat Day

17: National Black Cat Appreciation Day

19: International Homeless Animals’ Day®

22: National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

26: National Dog Day

30: National Holistic Pet Day

September is Happy Healthy Cat Month

9: National Hug Your Hound Day

10: National Pet Memorial Day

13: Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day

19: Puppy Mill Awareness Day

23: Dogs in Politics Day

24-30: Deaf Pet Awareness Week

24-30: National Dog Week

28: World Rabies Day

October is the American Humane Association’s Adopt-a-Dog Month, Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month, National Pet Wellness Month, National Service Dog Month, and National Pit Bull Awareness Month

1-7: Animal Welfare Week

1-7: National Walk Your Dog Week

12: National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

16: National Feral Cat Day

28: National Pit Bull Awareness Day

29: National Cat Day

November is the ASPCA’s Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month, National Senior Pet Month, and Pet Diabetes Month

5-11: National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week


2: National Mutt Day


This list was compiled with help from dogtipper, Holidays-and-Observances, and Life Learn, where you can download your own 2017 pet holiday calendar.

To create a free pet profile, request your pet’s medical records, and access reviews about veterinarians and animal professionals near you, sign up at


Non Profit Spotlight: Pet Education Project puts Pep! in the Pet Lovers’ Step

Nine years ago, Erica Falbaum discovered the power of pet education. When a family brought a box of kittens into the Louisiana animal rescue she volunteered at, she spent a simple fifteen minutes teaching them how to bottle feed the baby cats and care for them through their infancy—saving six lives and educating young pet owners on responsible pet care in the process. It was Falbaum’s ‘a-ha’ moment, as she describes it, and she hasn’t stopped creating ‘a-ha’ moments for other pet lovers since. Continue reading Non Profit Spotlight: Pet Education Project puts Pep! in the Pet Lovers’ Step

The Power of Pets

NPR recently published a story about the importance of pets in the lives of people suffering from mental illness. Drawing findings from a study published in the journal, BMC Psychiatry, NPR reported that “animals can break through the isolation,” even as people with mental illnesses see their social groups dwindle.

Continue reading The Power of Pets